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Mealtime Madness game

By Wixx

This is another game that uses the spinner provided here. This game could be played daily to offer more variety or you can spin the spinner once a week or even once per month to determine your mealtime savings method for that particular time period. Each member of the family that qualifies will spin the spinner and then obey the rule for the designated allotment of time.

This game offers a bonus of having a second way to save built in. Every time that one of these rules is broken, the rule breaker would pay a fine. A quarter, a half a dollar or whatever the players agree upon. This money could then be used to purchase the supplies required for the Dollar Dinner game, put into a high interest online banking account or saved toward a family outing or event. here are a few examples of possible results to place on the spinner:

1. Replace the beverage at one meal with water

2. Pack your lunch for work/school instead of buying it or eat leftovers if at home.

3. Eat toast for breakfast

4. Drink no soda today (or other purchased beverage if applicable)

5. Eat no store bought desserts for the day/week/month

6. Replace every meal's beverage with water

7. Spin the spinner to get 2 rules. Re-spin any further 7s

8. Choose 1 rule or make up your own if the other players agree

Although this game is quite simple, it has the potential to save you quite a bit of money. Spending money on food comes in second as the most expensive monthly cost to housing in the budgets of most families. It therefore makes sense to cut costs on one of the most costly monthly bills.

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