Bargaining Game

We’re a nation that usually pays the price marked on the sales tag or the one given to us. The only time most of us bargain is when buying a car or when we go shopping for bargains at garage sales or at the flea market. The truth is that there are a lot of opportunities to bargain the price of goods and services we pay for.

The bargaining game is a game that can add extra money to your savings account. The truth is that bargaining is nothing more than asking for a better price. You’d be surprised how often you can get something for a discount by simply asking, especially when it comes to services.

Whenever you have someone come to preform a service, never accept the first price they give you. In fact, it’s always better to have a minimum of three different people give you an estimate whenever a service is to be preformed.

Once you get the three estimates, you have a good idea what the service will cost. Since most service industries are very competitive, you can begin to bargain and should be able to get the price to come out below the lowest original offer you received.

Once you have the prices, call the service provider that you liked best and say the best price you received was 10% (or whatever price you feel is appropriate) lower than the lowest price you received. Explain that you like them the best and would they be willing to beat that price. If they can, then you have saved money. If they can’t, then you can ask if they can meet the price. Either way, you still save money.

The better you can bargain, the more you can save. Whatever you are able to bargain for below the original lowest price quoted should be set aside for your long term savings or to pay off credit card bills.

Some common services where the price can often be bargained include:

  • gardening services
  • house work
  • repair work
  • painting
  • moving
  • weddings

If you use the bargaining game for the services you need, you’ll save yourself well over $100 a year over simply taking the best price offered.