Dollar Dinner Game

By Wixx

A fun food game for the whole family is to see who can make the best frugal dinner. Given a budget of say $1 per person that will partake of the meal, see how many menu items could be created.

I have designated Wednesday evenings for the One Dollar Per Diner Dinner Day. Every Wednesday, a different member of the family gets to create a meal using the agreed upon budget. This will also get younger kids exposure to grocery bill budgeting and math skills, in addition to cooking. Depending on the imagination and age of your children, you may get a good laugh out of the concoctions that they may wish to make.

After everyone has had a chance to cook for a Dollar Dinner Day, the family will vote on their favorite and that meal will be added to the monthly menu. You may elect to pick two if you want to replace more dinners with Dollar Per Diner choices sooner.

After a few months you should have a variety of substitutions to eating out or more expensive meals. You can continue to create One Dollar Dinners until your whole month is full, making a steak dinner or eating out a rarity and therefore a reward.

Advanced Version

Advanced play would involve decreasing the budget to say 50 cents per person or eventually One Dollar for the whole meal. I have heard the suggestion that if you create One Dollar Dinners, the winner gets to choose where to eat out at the next time you splurge with some of the money that you are saving on your food budget.