Finding Money Game

By Wixx

Have you ever found a dime laying on the ground? How about a quarter? Now for the big question, have you ever looked for money on the ground?

While it’s probably not a good idea to walk around looking down all day bumping into everyone and walking into walls, that doesn’t mean you can’t purposefully try to find coins on the ground.

This game involves searching, scouring if you will, for coins that are lying around waiting to be claimed.

Simply look for coins while you’re walking. Pick up any coins that you may find on your daily search and put them into your coin jar. Think about how much ground you cover in a day and how many places you go by where people are prone to drop a coin. Vending machines and pay phones are prime locations, as someone, while pulling out their money to buy a bottled water, may drop a coin or two. Once you find a coin, then you can move the game up to level two.

Level two can be played in a number of ways. It can be played competitively, either against another player, or against your previous score. It can also be played toward a more defined goal. In the competitive game, you can play for a month, or a week, or however long you decide. All coins can be worth one point, or they could be assigned values such as one point for a penny, two for a nickel, three for a dime and five for a quarter. Finding a Sacajawea dollar, or one of the new presidential dollars could be ten points!

The goal is obviously to find more points worth of coins then either the other player, or your own previous score.

The more advanced play of searching for a defined coin will possibly take a bit longer, but could be a lot of fun. What this means is that you would continue to play until one of the players finds a 1984 dime, or a 1991 nickel. The player who finds the target coin, then sets the next coin objective. His or her birth or graduation year can be chosen, or you could choose to find a coin from the year 1979 because a really good looking person that you know was born that year. The objective could be any coin of that year, or a specific like a dime. Wheat pennies, or a particular state quarter make excellent goals as well.

The point is to get you to have a little fun, and add a little money to your coin jar at the same time.