Get It Free Game

The “Get It At No Cost Game” is a simple game where instead of buying or renting something, you get it for free and put the money you would have spent into your savings. An easy to understand example of this game is going to your local library to borrow a book you want to read instead of buying it at a bookstore.

Those who are on good terms with their neighbors and are able to borrow items that are expensive, but aren’t regularly used, can also greatly increase their savings this way. How many times a year do you use a large ladder, leaf blower or other similar item? If not more than a few times, then it’s a perfect candidate to borrow instead of buying.

Another way to get things at nos cost is to apply for freebie offers. These can work especially well with magazines (many magazines – even popular ones – give away free subscriptions to keep their circulation number up) and items where the manufacturer will give the main product away to get you to buy refills (razors are a good example of this since it is the razor blades where the companies make all their money). There are a lot of similar small items that are given away for free on a regular basis.

The key to making this game work is to create a jar, can or some other place that can be used specifically to collect the money you would have spent on the item that you got for free.

For example, if you borrow a book from the library and it costs $5.95, you should place $5.95 (or whatever % of the savings you determine is correct for you) into the jar. If you do this for all the free items you receive, your savings will add up quite quickly. The more you can use or get for free, the more money that remains in your pockets.