Lights Out Savings Game

By Wixx

This is a fun money saving game because you need to pay attention and you get to yell. Whenever the last person leaves a room, if they do not turn the light off, everyone else yells, “Lights out!” You can keep track of the game by assigning points.

Everyone starts at 100 points and you lose a point every time you fail to get those “Lights Out!” The person who calls “Lights Out!” first gets a point. So you need to be on your toes and sometimes even set one of your roommates or family members up, by speeding past them out of the room and then being ready to yell “Lights Out!”

The game can be played in one month intervals. Perhaps the winner could get to pick the dollar dinner for a special “Lights Out Day” the following month. Maybe the First Friday of each month is Lights Out Day. The previous month’s winner, in addition to choosing the meal, could pick the entertainment for the evening. The Lights Out Champion can watch their favorite DVD, or play charades, or pick a board or card game or whatever they want to do.

It is important to note that since this game is designed to save money by virtue of lower electric bills, it would be counter-productive for the Champion to choose something that costs money, like going out to a movie or a restaurant.

The game could be expanded upon by adding additional catch phrases, such as: “Fridge Closed!” if you bust someone holding the refrigerator door open while they are pouring the juice or staring blindly for something to eat; “Water Off!” if someone is brushing their teeth, soaping their hands, or scrubbing a dish with the water running; or “Don’t Waste!” if someone is throwing away perfectly good food or pouring out a beverage that they could not finish. This would help eliminate waste from someone who took more potatoes than they should have, or filled their glass a little too full. As always, the point is to have fun while saving a little money, so keep your eyes open and get those “Lights Out!”