Quit A Habit Game

When people think about the quit a habit game, there’s often an assumption that the habit to be stopped should be a “bad” habit. While quitting a bad habit such as smoking or drinking can have double benefits (saving the money that the habit cost while also improving your health to save even more money in that area), there is no reason that the habit has to be classified as “bad” per se. Purchasing a daily health bar could very well be a habit that is costing you more money than you should be spending.

A habit can be merely something that you do over and over again without even thinking about it because you have become accustomed to doing so. Another assumption not to limit yourself to is that the habit has to be a daily practice. It may be a weekly or monthly event. Taking your car to get it washed once a week whether it needs it or not might be an example of this.

When choosing a habit to quit, remember that the habit to stop doesn’t have to be difficult. The aim of the quit a habit game is not necessarily to force you to stop something that you don’t want to. It’s far better to choose a habit that you’re confident you can quit that saves less money than one that you’re unsure you can quit even if it would save more money.

Once you have chosen, you simply take the money that you would have normally used for the habit and instead invest it into your savings or to pay off your credit cards.