Share The Burden Game

By Wixx

From the time we were little, and learning to walk, we have been told to share; Share our toys with our siblings, share our knowledge with our teachers, share our dorms with our roommates. So why do we stop sharing when we get out on our own? There are many times in life when we foot the bill when sharing the load would have gotten us what we needed for half the cost.

Thought about car pooling? Gas prices are much higher now than they were when car pooling gained popularity. You could save a lot if you live near anyone that you work with or even if you live near anyone who works “downtown” if you can park in a centralized location.

Going out to dinner? Most restaurants give such large portions plus the salad, endless bread, and all the water you can drink, (the water is free, the rest of the beverages are not, so if you want to save, you take that water) so why not share a meal? Not only do you save the cost of a separate meal for your date, but you have an excuse to be more romantic and cuddle closer together as you eat from that one plate.

With Halloween coming up so soon, why not share the costs of the treats with a neighbor or relative. Instead of one parent going out with the kids, and the other staying home to give out candy, you can both go out while your neighbor who either does not have children, or whose kids are too old for trick-or-treating gives out the treats which you can split the cost of.

There are many other opportunities to split the costs with someone else as well. You could share memberships to a warehouse club, watch your Netflix with another couple or family who will help defray the costs, or trade baby sitting duties with them instead of paying a sitter. Maybe that super duper mega pack of paper towels is too many towels for you, but since it costs just a little more than the 3 pack, you could pick one up and split them with another saver.

To make it more fun, you and the partner that you are sharing with will earn points for who can come up with the most things to share, and the winner gets that extra item left when you divide everything up.