You Make The Call Game

Game spinner

This generic spinner can be used for many games. This particular game is called “You Make the Call.”

I have read many times where your utility companies, credit card companies and even banks may lower the interest rates or make other concessions if you call and ask for it. But I have not made any of these calls myself because I am not motivated enough. So, I had the idea to make it a game.

Print out this page and cut out the number wheel and spinner. The spinner can be attached with a tack or whatever you have available, as long as it spins when you flick it. So you and your spouse/roommate/whoever will take turns spinning the spinner and consult the matrix below for the results. This will make dividing up the workload a bit more fun. It is up to the players if you want to respin results that have already been completed, or do not apply, or if those spins are get out of calling free cards.

1. Call The Credit Card Company: You are not to demand a lower interest rate, but make it known that you are receiving many offers in the mail for the 0% promotional rate and lower long term rates, but you like the service that you are receiving from your current company. You would appreciate if they could lower their rates possibly so that you can continue to use their service and not feel that you are passing up a better deal.

2. Call The Electric Company: Inquire if they have any type of plans such as offpeak where you pay different rates for peak and offpeak usage. This may not be cost effective if you live in warmer climates as your air conditioner would be on all day during the most costly peak time, but in cooler climate this can save you money if you run your higher electric usage equipment such as your washer, dryer, and dishwasher in the evenings. Some electric companies will even send someone out to inspect your home for efficiency.

3. Research/Call Alternative Phone Companies: Making the call and comparing competing prices will ensure that you are not paying too much for your phone service.

4. Research/Call Your Cell Phone Company: Again, comparing the different options available will ensure that you are not in a plan that has wasted minutes or in a plan where you are paying extra every month for going over your allotted minutes. If you are using 300 minutes in a plan that gives you 600 or more, you may save money each month by going with a 400 or 500 minute plan if one is available. You may also move up to a larger plan if you are constantly going over.

5. Research/Call The Cable Company: Call competing companies in your area to the service you have (cable, satellite, etc) to ensure that you are not overpaying. If you do not watch much TV, you can cut down to a basic package to save even more money.

6. Research/Call The Internet Providers: Compare the prices and packages from the different providers in your community to ensure that you are getting the best value in your Internet Service.

7. Contact Your Natural Gas Company: Inquire about efficiency. Some gas companies will also send you a packet or dispatch someone to inspect your home for free.

8. Contact Your Bank: To see if you can consolidate your loans at a lower interest rate to pay off higher interest credit cards, student loans, car loans, or any other lines of credit that you may have.

As with any changes that you make to your service companies, ensure that you understand any and all fees that they may have in place for changing your agreement, early termination, etc.